Terlingua Ranch Lodge offers unique Big Bend activities and entertainment.

“Just before dawn I saw the most amazing starlit sky of my life. There were more stars than sky and a clear view of the Milky Way. It was worth that alone coming out here…”–Jay B.

Terlingua Ranch Lodge is a remote West Texas retreat offering recreational as well as relaxing activities such as swimming, horseshoes, disc golf, stargazing and occasional live music entertainment.


Take a cool dip and lounge by our pool. It’s open from 10:00am to 10:00pm daily and free for all paying lodge guests. Otherwise there’s a $25.00 annual pass for POATRI members in good standing or a $8.00 charge per person per day.

Birding (Bird-watching)

Among others, we have nesting Lucifer Hummingbirds, Gray Vireos and Elf Owls. During peak migration it’s not unusual to see over 60 species daily. This is the place for serious birders and bird photographers. For information on local birding, ask the Front Desk.


There is a walking trail going up between White-house and Bell Mountains which leads to a bench seat with a fantastic view. Other hiking within Terlingua Ranch is limited, as property is all privately owned. To avoid trespassing adhere to all posted signage.


Our Chihuahuan Desert offers some of the most unobstructed views ▶️ in the Texas sky. Terlingua Ranch is now part of the worlds largest International Dark Sky Reserve. This designation recognizes the commitment of organizations, businesses, and residents in the region to maintain dark skies. We ask our guests to limit light usage and keep lights out from 10:00pm to 6:00am. You can set up a telescope outside your room and be assured that city lights will not interfere with your viewing. As one of our guests commented at TripAdvisor.com, “The view of the sky at night is unencumbered and unbelievable with occasional meteor showers and the Milky Way spread from horizon to horizon.”


There is occasionally music scheduled at our Bad Rabbit Cafe. For information or booking please call 432-371-2244. Tips are appreciated!


Our horseshoe pit is located on the uphill side of our Cafe Patio. For horseshoes just ask the Cafe staff.


Potluck at Bad Rabbit Cafe on the first Thursday of every month. All Terlingua Ranch property owners and their guests are welcome! Bring a dish or dishes of your choice with serving utensils. Bring your own plate and silverware if possible. Drinks are available for purchase from the Cafe.