Terlingua Ranch Lodge outdoor activities include hiking, riding & ATV/ORV.

“If you’re searching for an offbeat place situated in one of America’s most beautiful natural surroundings, this might be your home away from home.”–Hugh H.

Terlingua Ranch Lodge outdoor activities include birding (birdwatching), trail hiking and backpacking, horseback riding, cycling ▶️, dirt bike riding and ATV/ORV exploring.

Birding (Birdwatching)

Among others, we have nesting Lucifer Hummingbirds, Gray Vireos and Elf Owls. During peak migration it’s not unusual to see over 60 species daily. This is the place for serious birders and bird photographers. For information on local birding, ask the Front Desk.

Hiking & Cycling

There is a walking trail going up between Whitehouse and Bell Mountains which leads to a bench seat with a fantastic view. Ask the Front Desk for a map at check-in.

Dirt Biking & ATV/ORV Driving

Moderate speeds with low noise and dust around residences constitutes good behavior. If you leave the road you are trespassing. Leave no trace – do not remove any rocks, artifacts or plants. Carry your trash out with you. Carry plenty of water at all times. There is limited cell phone service throughout much of the region. Guests of Terlingua Ranch Lodge in violation of on-road or off-road restrictions will be asked to leave immediately and will not be allowed to return to the Lodge. Damage to Terlingua Ranch roads by improper use of recreational vehicles will result in the same action. Obey all landowner posted signs and purple fence posts.

In the immediate vicinity of the Lodge, recreational vehicles must maintain a 10mph speed limit and must be respectful of other vehicular traffic and foot traffic. Recreational vehicles are not allowed on the patio, pool pavilion or airstrip. Wheelies, donuts, racing, littering and other such activities are strictly prohibited. Riders age sixteen or under must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.


Hunting is limited to your own property or with written permission from a property owner. All persons living on or visiting Terlingua Ranch are subject to Texas state game laws. Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Brewster County Sheriff’s Department enforce these game laws. It is each individual’s responsibility to be informed of these state game laws. We have a cold storage locker available for game during official Texas Hunting season.